Here's how to get behind the wheel with Premier

Here are all the steps you need to take to get your Indiana Probationary License. In addition, make sure to read and understand Indiana's Driver's License Laws regarding use of your Learner's Permit and Probationary Driver's License.

1) Register for a online or in-person class

You must be 15 years old. Register for the online or in person class. You'll receive your login information via email.

2) Complete your online coursework within 91 days

Login and complete the online course at your convenience. You have up to 91 days after you register to complete the online portion of the course. The course will take approximately 30 hours and you are legally limited to 3 hours of course work per day so plan a minimum of 10 days.

Once completed, you'll receive a completion certificate from WELCOME DRIVER via email. Important: The Welcome Driver certificate is NOT a valid CDE. You must get your CDE from Premier Driving indicating that you are enrolling in the driving portion of the course AFTER paying your balance in full.

3) Check your email for your CDE form

You need your CDE form to get your learner's permit. We'll send it to you via email or if you're taking the classroom portion in-person, you'll receive it in class.

4) Go to the local BMV, pass the written exam and receive your Driver's Ed Learner’s Permit

  • Take our CDE form to your local BMV (You must be 15 years old AND have a valid CDE)
  • Take and pass the written exam (please study before hand!)
  • Receive your Driver's Ed Learner’s Permit from the BMV
  • Important: you must hold your Learner’s Permit at least 180 days before you can receive your Probationary Driver’s License regardless of age. If you want your Driver’s License as early as possible, make sure you obtain your Driver's Ed Learner’s Permit at least 3 months BEFORE your 16th birthday. Use our calculator to find out how soon you can get your license.

5) Pay your balance and schedule your in-car instruction hours

Prior to scheduling your in-car instruction hours, you must have your entire balance paid AND have your permit in hand. You can now schedule drive hours online! Login to your account to schedule your professional driving hours. Alternatively, you can still call our office at 574.389.7648 to schedule as well. Some weeks can be extremely busy, so it's important to begin scheduling your driving hours as early as possible.

You may start your supervised driving practice at anytime after you obtain your permit. You must complete at least 50 hours of driving with an adult relative at least 25 years old or a professional instructor (see BMV information for complete details and exceptions). At least 10 of those hours must be at night. At least 6 of those hours must be with a professional driving instructor.

6) Schedule your driving test with us or the BMV

If you do not take your driving test with us, you need to call the local BMV and schedule your test with them.

7) Return to the BMV to obtain your driver's license

Things to take with you:

  • "Completion of Driver Training School Course Permit" (Indiana State Form 55745)
  • "Certificate of Completion" from Premier with your percentage grade (NOT the completion email from online course)
  • Your 50 hour driving log
  • Your Learner’s Permit

Important: You must be 16 years + 90 days old AND you must have held your Driver's Ed Learner’s Permit for AT LEAST 180 days before you can obtain your license. If you’re unsure, enter your birthday on our calculator to find out when you can get your license.

To learn more about Indiana's graduated driver's license laws visit this page.

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