When can I get my license?

With professional driver's training, you can receive your license at 16 years and 90 days (3 months). Without professional training, you must wait until you're 16 years and 270 days (9 months). However, regardless of your age you MUST HOLD YOUR LEARNER'S PERMIT AT LEAST 180 DAYS before getting your license.

Use our calculator to see exactly when you can get your license.

How long will the online class take to complete?

The class is 30 hours long and legally you're not permitted to do more than 3 hours a day, so you should plan on at least 10 days. You have up to 91 days to complete the class once you register.

How old do you have to be to get a Permit?

With professional driver's education, like that offered from Premier Driving Institute, you can get your Driver's Education Permit once you turn 15 years old. (Driver's Ed Permit)

Without professional driver's education, you must wait until you are 16 years old to obtain a standard Learner's Permit.

How do I get my CDE form?

If you're doing the online course, you can contact us to request the form once you complete your online portion AND you pay any remaining balance due for the in-car driving instruction.

When can I start Driver's Ed?

As soon as you turn 15 years old! If you want to take full advantage of the law, don't delay! Sign up today!

When can I start scheduling driving lessons with Premier?

As soon as:

  • you've obtained your permit (you must pass the knowledge test).
  • your balance is paid in full for online students (in-class students may schedule up to 3 hours of driving lessons before we ask that your balance be paid in full). 
    Call 574-389-7648 as soon as you meet these requirements!

How many hours of driving may I schedule per week?

We normally schedule 1 hour per week with students, especially in peak seasons (spring & early fall).  We encourage you to spread out your hours with us so you can practice the manuevers we've covered with your parent/guardian.  

Legally, we can NOT schedule more that 3 hours per week with a student.  

Do I still have to take my DRIVE test with the BMV?

No.  If you complete the entire Driver's Ed course with Premier, you may opt to take the drive test with us!  When you complete the course, call the office 574-389-7648 to schedule your test ($30 fee applies). Please note: During peak times we schedule up to 3 weeks out.  Don't delay, especially if you're trying to get your license A.S.A.P.

When is the best day to call for scheduling my driving with Premier?

You may call anytime!

However, the new weekly schedule comes out on Thursdays, so during peak driving seasons* you may want to call on Thursday to better your chances of getting a time slot for the following week.  Please note, we generally schedule one driving lesson per week during peak seasons.

*peak driving seasons are dependent on volume, however, generally this is spring and early fall(due to the large number of summer students).  Once school starts, our available drive times are USUALLY restricted to after school hours.  However, we do have some instructors available during the daytime all year long.