Online Class Registration

Complete the online class portion on your schedule (you have up to 91 days to complete it) and still get in-car training with one of our instructors.

Cost for the online portion of the course AND 6 hours of in-car training is $399. $200 is due immediately at the time of registration via the paypal link below. The remaining balance can be paid when you're ready to drive.

Important things to understand before signing up:

  • Regardless of how old you are, you MUST hold your Driver's Ed Learner’s Permit at least 180 days (roughly 6 months) BEFORE you can get your license. Use our calculator to find out when you can get your license.
  • You must COMPLETE both the online/in-person AND the in-car training from a professional instructor to get your license early. If you do not do the in-car training, you will have to wait until you’re at least 16 years old + 270 days.
  • You must have a CDE (Certificate of Driver Education) before getting your your Learner’s Permit. We will only issue your CDE after completing your online coursework AND paying your balance with us in full, or in class for those taking the in-person class. You must have your permit before scheduling driving time with us.

How it works:

  1. Register for class on this page
  2. Complete your coursework within 91 days
  3. Pay any balance and get your CDE
  4. Take CDE to the BMV, pass the exam and get your Driver's Ed Learner's Permit
  5. Schedule and complete your driving hours
  6. Take and pass your driving test
  7. Return to the BMV to get your license
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