Online Class Registration

We offer the convenience of an online course option. You'll have 91 days to complete the online course work and still get the same benefit of in-car driving with one of our instructors, but you can complete the classroom portion on your own schedule anytime of day or night.

Cost for the online portion of the course AND 6 hours of in-car instruction is $399. $200 is due immediately at the time of registration via the paypal link below. The remaining balance can be paid when you're ready to drive.

Please make sure to enter both your student's address and a (different) parent's email address. We'll be sure to send signup and login instructions to both addresses!

$200 Deposit

NOTE: NO REFUNDS CAN BE ISSUED ONCE YOUR SIGN UP IS COMPLETE. You can pay using any valid credit card held by a person 18 years or older, or directly through your existing PayPal account. Payments are processed securely through PayPal&tm;. We will email the instructions to your PayPal email address, as well as the email address you enter above, assuming they're different.

How it works:

  1. Register for the class and pay the $200 fee with the paypal link below. You'll receive your login information via email.
  2. Login and complete the online course at your convenience (you have up to 91 days after you register to complete the online portion of the course.
  3. Once completed, you'll receive a completion certificate from WELCOME DRIVER via email.
  4. Contact Premier to obtain CDE form (You must pay the remaining $199 balance at this time). Take the CDE form to your local BMV to obtain your Learner's Permit (you will be required to pass the written exam at the BMV...please study accordingly!)
  5. Once you have your permit, you may schedule your driving hours. Be careful not to lose it. You will need it to take your driving test.
  6. Take and pass your driving test.
  7. Return to the BMV to obtain your driver's license.